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The following anniversaries have been found for 6th December :
The Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms
The 374th anniversary of the start of Action at Tadcaster (Battle, 06 December 1642 – 07 December 1642)
(Part of The 1st English Civil War)
– A victory for Royalist Forces over Parliamentarian Forces
The Earl of Newcastle assaulted and took Tadcaster from Lord Fairfax
The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
The 210th anniversary of the start of Breslau [Wroclaw] (Battle, 06 December 1806 – 06 January 1807)
(Part of French War of the Fourth Coalition, Napoleon’s Eylau-Friedland Campaign)
– A victory for French Allies [Bavarians & W├╝rttembergers] over Prussian Garrison
The fortified town [now called Wroclaw] was inadequately manned needing something in the order of 10,000 men to hold it securely. For taking this obstacle the previously named Allied Corps holding Napoleon’s southern [right] flank were given the title XI Corps thus honouring them by bringing them within the nomenclature of the Grande Armee.
The 203rd anniversary of the end of Zadar (Battle, 22 November 1813 – 06 December 1813)
(Part of Napoleon’s Leipzig Campaign)
– A victory for Austrian Forces over Franco-Italian Forces
The Austrians were mopping up strong points, ports and islands, on the Adriatic assisted by warships of the British Royal Navy. In this instance there was a battalion of Liccaners on each side. Those on the French side attempted to revolt and after 80 were shot the remainder were expelled from the fort. The French captives were returned to France under licence.

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